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Artikel-Schlagworte: „flow“


To take pictures of a creek or a waterfall, most people take the automatic settings of their cameras and wonder why the picture doesn’t really look special. Well, the camera doesn’t know what the photographer wants to shoot and tries therefore to keep the shutter speed high enough to avoid blurry pictures. But if you want to have this „mystical“ flow in your picture, you have to „tell“ you camera what to do… And you need some additional hardware like a tripod and maybe some filters when you plan to take pictures by day.


Ok, the camera is mounted on a tripod. Now you need some flowing water. A small creek doesn’t really sound spectacular, maybe. But it’s still good enough to get wet all over… When you found a nice place along the water, bring your camera in position. Now it’s time to attach the filters if it is a daylight situation. A circular polarizer (CPL) and a Neutral Desity (ND) x8 is doing fine. The CPL allows to remove reflections on the water surface and enhances the saturation of the colors. The ND x8 filter reduces the light by factor 8, this means only 1/8 of the light comes through the filter. But why reducing the amount of light? Normally, we try to get as much light as possible in a short time on the sensor. This time we don’t want a short exposure time, so that’s why the ND x8 filter is quite useful now. Together with a small aperture (the higher the value, the smaller the hole the light can go through), the filters extend the exposure time. And the long exposure makes the misty look for the flow.